The Sound Sight Exhibition - Murder Minutes

The Sound Sight Exhibition - Murder Minutes

This project was started in 2010 to explore the relationship between Jazz, Music and Art, how they react to and are inspired by one another

The musicians working on the project include Duncan Eagles, Max Luthert, Peter Ibbetson, Bill Mudge, and Mike DiRubbo.  The exhibiting artists are asked to engage with the music by these artists and provide an artistic interpretation which will later be exhibited as part of the Sound and Sight Exhibition.
The 250 final selected artworks will be exhibited as part of the collection and displayed in classic CD Jewel cases on the gallery walls.

The Sound Sight Exhibition will be at -
Shaw Gallery
Trinity School
Shirley Park, Croydon
Tel: 020 8656 9541

Exhibition dates -  11th November to 11th December 2013

Private View - 11th November 6.30-8.30pm All welcome
Music from 7-8.15pm

The oddments of Ella Penn

Ella Penn - Inspired by Mike DiRubbo's 'Introspection'
"We've had such a variety of entries already from artists, all listening to the same pieces of music but finding such different imagery and inspiration. An exciting time in itself, comparing the different responses from the artists but sometimes it is the pleasure of seeing such a broad range from just one.

Ella Penn - Inspired by
Bill Mudge 'Murder 1' music
Ella Penn, the Brighton based photographer, has given me many surprises since I first received her submission for the Brighton Open exhibition in 2011. True to the nature of the subsequent exhibitions we've been involved in, she has revealed further snapshots of herself and her work. Here once again for Murder Minutes she presents 4 vignettes, teasing us with the opening lines of narrative.

Ella Penn - inspired by Bill Mudge 'Dancing'
These images 
are very much consistent with Penn's wider Fine Art work. A trawling of the urban environment, playing with light when its loneliness is the only beacon in a sea of black.
There are forays into landscape and abstraction but it's her documentation of us, the human animal, our scratches, detritus and narratives where she is most powerful.

Ella Penn - Inspired by
Max Luthert 'Murder 3'
Her submissions to Murder Minutes possess both strong design elements and the music's themes and rhythms. I can see the repetitive mechanical swirls in Bill's Mudge's 'Dancing' and the ambiguity and threat in Max Luthert's 'Murder 3' but the romance of Mike DiRubbo's flows through me like that shock of pink, exciting and indulgent.

The magpie tendencies of Ella Penn are not just contained in her bright and shiny eye but in her mind too. Before we see her at the Shaw Gallery on November 11th she will be showing a body of work at the conceptual thoroughbred Art:Language:Location exhibition in Cambridge. Penn's active mind is trained on the 'Oddment' or simply "Items or pieces left over from a larger set". She spent a day in the city photographing found, fragmented pieces of language and documenting these urban canvases where people's interactions leave their mark."

Words By Alban Low @

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